Sunday, October 7, 2012

shapelygirl fitness: week one update

Week one of working out with ShapelyGirl Fitness is on the books!

Now that you know why I'm on this journey with ShapelyGirl Fitness, I want to share some thoughts on the workout dvd I chose.

I chose Walking Fit & Fabulous as my workout dvd for two reasons. First, I have knee problems that flare up now and again, and I figured a walking workout would be as low impact as I could find. Second, I'm hoping my mom will work out with me sometimes, and I thought the walking workout would be easiest for her. We haven't worked out together yet, but I'm hoping maybe sometime this week we can.

In addition to the full walking workout (which runs approximately 80 minutes), the dvd also includes a beginner's walk of 13 minutes and four pre-mixes that combine parts of the full workout. I love that there are options because I'm pretty sure I would get tired of doing the exact same workout every day!

Since this is a once-a-week recap, I'm going to journal about each workout just after it happens to give you a look at the day-by-day stuff:

Workout 1 (10-1-12): I decided to do the whole workout video in one session, and I did it! My neighbor kids interrupted me several times, so it took 1-1/2 hours to do it, but I made it! I didn't do the bonus walk at the end because it was time for Dancing with the Stars (priorities, you know?), but I did get through everything else.

Most of the workout was quite easy to do, but one of the steps did throw me for a loop. I'm sure I'll be better at it next time! I didn't feel truly winded until close to the end of the workout, when Debra asked us to do "quick feet." At that point, I may or may not have yelled at the TV!

Workout 2 (10-2-12): I fully expected to feel sore after my first workout, even though it wasn't too taxing. I wasn't, though ... until I started working out tonight! I didn't want to do the full workout tonight because I came home from work absolutely exhausted. I wanted to hit the couch for some reading time, but instead I popped in the dvd. I did the Quick Walk & Cool Down from the preset menu. This is just over 30 minutes long, and believe me, I felt every single one of those minutes! Once I started moving, I could feel the soreness in my legs, and by the end, it was only sheer willpower that kept me from collapsing to the floor and giving up. But I made it through, and now I feel great! Gotta love those after-exercise endorphins!

P.S. The sashay is the step I couldn't get yesterday. Today, I paused the dvd and practiced it for a while ... and by the end, I had it down pretty well!

Workout 3 (10-3-12): Tonight I did the bonus walk. I think this may be my favorite premix! It incorporates the arms more than the regular walk does ... and I could definitely feel the burn! Even though I only worked out for 16 minutes, I felt like I'd gone 30 or more.

Workout 4 (10-5-12): I know I won't always get in more than three workouts a week, but I had time tonight (after taking last night off), so I decided to go for it! I did the bonus walk and abdominal exercises. My right leg was hurting me a bit, so I didn't go all out—but I still got a good workout!

Now for the week's numbers!
Weight: 193.4 pounds (down 2.6 pounds!)
Bust: 45.5 in (down 1/2 in)
Waist: 39 (down 1 in)
Hips: 45 (same)
Thigh: 26 (same)
Calf: 16 (same)
Gut: 47 (same)
Arm: 13.5 (same)

One thing I'm learning most is about the power of community. If I was doing this on my own, I might have given up by now. But I have 26 other women who are doing this challenge along with me, and their support has been amazing! We have a secret facebook group that we can post in, and I find such encouragement as I interact with them. Below, you can see where we've linked up our posts. Please read some (or all!) of them and leave comments encouraging them. We come from many different backgrounds, live in various parts of the country (or Canada), and are all dealing with various challenges, but we have two things in common: we love Jesus, and we need to get in shape. I know they would appreciate your encouragement, just as I've appreciated theirs!

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  1. That's great that you got to do so much of the DVD workout. I've only done the beginner one so far. I have fibro and I'll be honest I'm a little scared to try the whole full blown workout. I'm really curious about some of the mixes - they sound very interesting. I'm doing the same DVD you are - maybe we can cheer each other on!

    Tina 'the book lady'

  2. Hi Becky, Love your post. I am sort of journaling too, I love to look back at my thoughts the last time I did the workout. I am doing a different DVD but you can still count on my prayers and support.

    Keep up the great work -- WOW! 4 times last week. FABULOUS!


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