Saturday, October 13, 2012

shapelygirl fitness: week two update

This week was a bit of a challenge because of the health issues I alluded to previously. But I did manage to work out ... (To see why I'm on this journey with ShapelyGirl Fitness and my week one update, click here and here.)

Workout 1 (10-9-12): I felt pretty terrible all day (yesterday, I scheduled an appointment with my doctor, but the soonest she could see me was Wednesday), so I didn't feel like working out when I got home from work. But I also knew that, depending on what I found out when I saw the doctor, I might not have much of an opportunity to work out for the rest of the week. So I put on the Beginner's Walk. By the end, I was actually feeling more human than I had all day, but I also didn't want to overdo it, so I didn't do any of the premixes after the Beginner's Walk.

Workout 2 (10-10-12): I felt a little better today, though not very energetic. The doctor didn't have any answers for me, so we're waiting on lab work to come back.

I took the dvd to my parents' house, since I cook supper for them on Wednesdays (they help with Awana at their church, so their time between work and church is pretty rushed) and my mom and I planned to watch a movie together after she got home from Awana. I did the Quick Walk from the premixes after supper. My mom watched part of the dvd, and she said, "This reminds me of Richard Simmons!" Yes!!! She also thinks she would like to work out with me sometime. Double Yes!!!

Workout 3 (10-11-12):
I felt worse today than yesterday, and by the time I got home from work, the last thing I wanted to do was work out. In the past, whenever I felt the least bit sick, I'd use that as an excuse to skip exercising. But since I committed to three times per week with ShapelyGirl Fitness, I decided to work out even though I didn't want to. I did the Bonus Walk tonight, and I definitely felt better than I had all day after I finished. I wonder what would happen if I started my day with the dvd? Would I feel better throughout the day? 

Workout 4 (10-12-12): Last night, I toyed with the idea of getting up in time to do the dvd before work. That didn't even come close to happening, as I accidentally turned my alarm off when I meant to hit the snooze button! My lab panel came back today, and everything looks good! On the one hand, that's great news, but on the other, well, I know something is going on, so it's frustrating to not have any answers. But I'll keep plugging along ...

I do feel better today than I have all week, so I decided to try for the whole dvd again. I did it! I'm definitely feeling more flexible than I was when I started—my kicks are higher, I can bend lower, and my body just feels more limber.

This week's numbers:
Weight: 192.2 (down 1.2 pounds)
Measurements: all the same as last week

I have a feeling that the weight loss came more from the lack of appetite than the exercise, and I would not be the least bit surprised to find my calves have grown by next week. I've always had insanely muscular calves (really the only part of my body that's remotely muscular!), and the walking workout makes me feel my calves in ways that even jogging doesn't! 

One thing I've learned this week is that I should stop using "I don't feel good" as an excuse to skip exercising. Obviously, if I was down with the flu or something, exercise wouldn't help, but when I feel like I've been feeling lately—incredibly fatigued, crampy, and just blah—even a short workout can help me feel better.

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  1. Hope you're starting to feel better. I had sinus pressure but did a rinse and worked out. Congratulations on the weight loss regardless of how it was attained :)

    God bless


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