Sunday, October 2, 2016

"A Tapestry of Secrets" by Sarah Loudin Thomas

Sarah Loudin Thomas wraps up her trilogy featuring the Phillips family with A Tapestry of Secrets.

What is the weight of a secret?
And what happens when that burden becomes almost too much to bear?

For decades, Perla Phillips has hidden the truth of a decision that still fills her with guilt. But now, seeing her granddaughter, Ella, struggle in a similar way, she's prepared to finally open the past to her family, no matter the consequences. But when the opportunity is snatched from her in a most unexpected manner, will she have waited too long? 

Spanning generations, this moving family drama weaves together the interlocking stories of two women as they navigate relationships, family, faith, and the choices that will shape their lives. Heartwarming and nostalgic, the story explores the courage to share the wounds of the past and celebrates the legacy a family passes from one generation to the next. 

A Tapestry of Secrets is the third book in Sarah Loudin Thomas's series featuring the Phillips family, but each novel can stand alone.

This novel tells the story of Ella Phillips, granddaughter of Perla (from Miracle in a Dry Season) and daughter of Henry (from Until the Harvest). Ella feels a bit lost after she breaks things off with her fiance Mark, so when she learns Perla has had a stroke, she returns home to care for her. But "home" isn't what Ella hoped—her beloved church is threatened by a land developer, Mark doesn't want to accept the end of their relationship, and the friction between Perla and Ella's aunt Sadie becomes stronger. To top it off, two very different men are interested in Ella, but she doesn't know which path to choose.

While I absolutely loved Miracle in a Dry Season and Until the Harvest, I struggled with A Tapestry of Secrets. It moved fairly slowly, and not everything made sense. (For example: Mark is clearly not a good guy, but Ella's family [especially her mother] likes him and seems to want Ella to give him another chance. Yet Ella never tells them about Mark's true character; if she did, they would completely understand why she broke it off. Also, the Mark story line resolved in a very anti-climactic way.)

The portion of the novel that delved into Perla's past was by far my favorite and made me appreciate Miracle in a Dry Season even more. I also enjoyed Sadie's quest to find out about her biological father. Basically, the Ella story line was the part I didn't enjoy, which is too bad, considering she's the main character.

Sarah Loudin Thomas is a great writer, and I highly recommend Miracle in a Dry Season and Until the Harvest. Readers who loved those novels will probably want to read A Tapestry of Secrets in order to finish the Phillips family's story, and many of them will likely enjoy it more than I did. I look forward this author's future novels; I just didn't particularly like this one. 3 stars.

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Read my reviews of Miracle in a Dry Season (5 stars) and Until the Harvest (5 stars).

Sarah Loudin Thomas is a fundraiser for a children's ministry and has written for Mountain Homes Southern Style and Now & Then magazines, as well as The Asheville Citizen-Times. She is the author of Miracle in a Dry Season and Until the Harvest. She holds a BA in English from Coastal Carolina University. She and her husband reside in North Carolina. She can be found online at

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