Saturday, October 1, 2016

Best of the Bunch: September 2016

Time for my second month of participating in Best of the Bunch, hosted by A Cocoon of Books. I read quite a lot in September (a change from my measly reading in August): I reviewed 15 books, and I have several others in progress! It's nice to get back into a reading groove.

Here's how my reviews stacked up:

2-1/2 Stars

3 Stars

4 Stars

4-1/2 Stars

5 Stars

So of the four 5-star reads, which was my favorite? It was a really difficult choice, but the one that just edged out the others was ...

I chose The Thirteenth Chance because it's the book I'm still thinking about weeks after finishing it. It's a book that is fun, laugh-out-loud funny, and super romantic, and I highly recommend it!

What was your favorite book of September? Leave a comment or write up your own post and join the linkup here.


  1. Great job! Susan May Warren sure does write wonderful stories! Happy October!

    1. Thanks, Freda! Yes, she certainly does write great books. Happy October to you, too!


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