Saturday, May 24, 2008

"it makes your apartment look woodsy"

Tina was one of my favorite ESL students. I had her for Intermediate ESL last year, and this year, she ended up joining the speech team and taking my speech class. More than just being a student, she really became a friend. I was sad to see her graduate, but her cousin owns one of the Chinese restaurants in Grand Island, and she's staying with him this summer, so I hope to see her a few more times before she goes to UNL in the fall. Right before she left campus, she told me she had a gift for me. Many of the Asian kids give gifts from their home countries to their teachers, so I was expecting something like that. Instead, she gave me this:
How much cooler is that?!? She got a 3rd place ribbon in pencil drawing at the conference art contest--I didn't even know that she could draw!

I wanted to find a frame, and I figured that Hobby Lobby would be the best place to go. The prices made me want to run away, but then I saw that frames were 50% off. Gotta love Hobby Lobby! I have lots of colors of wood in my apartment (beggars can't be choosers), but this perfectly matched my beloved Shopko table. Val came over just as I was finishing the framing process, and after I hung it, she said, "It makes your apartment looks woodsy. Kinda rustic. Like a log cabin or a ski lodge." I guess with the couch, it kind of does. What do you think?


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