Thursday, May 22, 2008

Prince Caspian & other musings

I saw Prince Caspian with friends last night. Entertainment-wise, I'd give it an A. But in terms of staying true to the story, a C- would be generous. (If you haven't seen the movie yet and plan to, it'd be best to skip to the next paragraph now!) I fell in love with The Chronicles of Narnia at a very young age. I've read the books (or had them read to me) three or four times, and I've seen the BBC version of Prince Caspian many times. I'd heard rumors that this movie changed many story details, but I had no idea how many! From a completely invented "storming the castle" battle to Caspian and Peter almost "freeing" the White Witch to Aslan not appearing until the very end of the movie, I couldn't believe all the changes. The last straw, however, was something I'd generally be all for: romance. But a romance between Caspian and Susan? Give me a break! When they kissed at the end, one of the guys I was with said (a bit too loudly) exactly what I was thinking: "Now they've ruined the movie!"

I used part of my economic stimulus money to buy myself a keyboard. Wait a minute, Becky plays the piano? Yes, albeit poorly. I've been having a blast messing around on it. I bought a book called The Ultimate Pop Sheet Music Collection with songs ranging from the '60s through '04. I've discovered that while I detest The Notebook with every fiber of my being, the music is actually really pretty. And then today, I came across the song "Dreaming of You." Check out these lyrics from the chorus: "And there's nowhere in the world I'd rather be than here in my room, dreaming about you and me." Um, there's nowhere else you'd rather be? How about actually with the person?

School's out for the summer! Since we can dress more casually during the summer (and since gas prices are insane), I bought a bike to ride to work. It's not a pretty bike, but I got it for $19, so I can't complain!

My boss asked me to consider being the yearbook sponsor next year. I don't have to make a decision for a while, which is good. What was funny, though, was how my boss asked me. He started talking about how the yearbook sponsor needs to be organized, and then he said, "And you are so organized." I couldn't help it; I burst out laughing! I was thinking, Haven't you seen my desk???

You never know what you'll hear on the radio. Mom & I often listen to "Classics by Request" on Friday afternoons on Nebraska Public Radio. Some songs are requested just about every week, like "The Flower Duet" (on Superman Returns) or "Fortune--Empress of the World" (from that Captial One commercial). Every so often, someone requests something . . . different. Like last week, when we heard "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem"! At first, I was stunned that they would be playing anything "Christian" . . . and then I realized that the even crazier thing is it's not anywhere close to Christmas! And then they played an orchestral version of "Bohemian Rhapsody"--and I think I giggled through the whole thing! My mom really enjoyed it--but she would loathe the actual song!

My 11-year non-vomiting streak is over. Prior to a week ago, the last time I threw up was my sophomore year of high school. I was dreaming that Mr. Musgrave (our Bible teacher) was driving the school bus, and he ran over my stomach. I woke up, rolled over, and puked. You don't want the details of this recent bout with the stomach flu, but one good thing did come of it . . . I lost 13 pounds!

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