Monday, May 26, 2008

what's wrong with my plants?

I definitely don't have a green thumb. It's closer to black, kinda like my mother's. I currently have four plants. One, I have amazingly kept alive for nearly 2 1/2 years. Of course, it's one that doesn't require much water or sun, so that helps! I've had my second plant, an African Violet, for about three months. It's on my table, so I see it all the time and sometimes remember to water it. My newest two plants I received as gifts about two weeks ago. They both aren't looking so good! I'm not sure what to do for them--I water them (I don't think too much), but the only place in my apartment that gets good sunlight is in the entryway right outside my door, and it gets really hot there. Any suggestions?

These are geraniums with something else thrown in for good measure. The person who gave them to me didn't know what they were, either. See those little buds? They were there two weeks ago, too . . . and they've never shown any signs of opening.

These are some kind of impatiens. The tag said they need lots of sunlight--not ideal for my apartment! They're looking pretty sickly!


  1. My only suggestion is that you take them to your family who lives south on HWY 14. They will take care of them for you.( in one way or another!)

  2. Hey Becky! I just noticed that you started a blog, so I thought I'd leave you a comment! :o) Welcome to the wonderful world of bloggers! I have been really bad about blogging since our move, but I try to post about once a week.

    About your plants...I think the impatients really need to be outside. They're just not indoor plants, generally. You may have to water more often if they're outdoors, but they'll be happier, I think. As for the geranium, they usually do fine inside, but yours does look a little sad. Do you keep the soil just barely moist to the touch? The dead buds make me think it's not getting enough water. But clear over here in IL it's hard to tell! Wish I could come look at them and help you out more! :o)


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