Thursday, May 22, 2008

hanging out with my boys

We had a staff picnic at the music teacher's house tonight, about 20 miles northwest of town. It was so fun to just hang out with my coworkers away from the school setting. I also got to play with two of my favorite boys in the whole world—Toby and Malachi. Malachi is 2-1/2 or 3, and his parents adopted him from China just less than a year ago. (Toby and their other brother, Bennett, also were adopted from China. And for the record, Bennett is also one of my favorite boys in the world—he just wasn't there tonight!) At one point, Malachi climbed onto Steph's lap, pointed at me, and said, "Is that you?" He then ran over to me, pointed at Steph, and asked, "Is that you?" It was so cute! I didn't think we looked that much alike, but we sure did to Malachi tonight!

The house we were at is way out in the country. I think I'd like to live in the country someday. Not by myself—I'd probably get creeped out—but with my family. Of course, some people think my town is practically like living in the country.

After watching The Office season finale, I have a bone to pick with Jim. Sure, Andy steals your thunder by proposing first, but seriously! Pam wouldn't have cared! Guys, take note—don't let circumstances stop you from proposing. In my opinion, at least, the "how" of the proposal isn't nearly as important as the proposal itself. So what if it's not the most romantic proposal in the history of the world—just do it!

My friend Jen blogs much more faithfully than I do. On Friday, she wrote about standards—she will not date a guy who . . . Most of her standards I agree with, with the exception of not dating a guy who drives a pickup. I drove a pickup for a while . . . what good Nebraska boy doesn't drive one? And she missed a couple of "big ones" for me: I will not date a guy who smokes. I will not date a guy who will not lead. I will not date a guy who is shyer than I am. I do find it interesting, though, that my list is getting smaller as I get older. Does that mean I'm getting desperate and willing to settle? I don't think so—it's just that I'm losing the "frivolous" wishes (he doesn't really have to play the piano) and thinking more about the traits that actually matter. Besides, it's all still hypothetical . . .

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