Saturday, November 22, 2008

fireproof, pt. 2

I finally saw Fireproof last weekend. I loved it! Our international students also saw it, and it certainly seemed to make a lasting impression on some of them. One of my students told me that it made him reexamine his view on divorce. Before seeing the movie, he thought divorce was OK as long as no kids were involved, but now he's not so sure. Then in chapel this week, my pastor spoke on real love, which dovetailed quite nicely with the message of Fireproof. I recommend the movie to anyone, and I'll probably get it on dvd. (As far as the acting goes, I thought the scene near the beginning with the wife and her friend at the hospital was kind of forced, but after that, I never thought about it again. It was also much funnier than I was expecting.)

Also, I thought this was very cool. Kirk Cameron, who played the main character, refuses to kiss anyone besides his wife. Check out the story here.


  1. When you say "my pastor", to whom are you referring?

  2. Also, since I'm too lazy to comment on all your posts separately:
    Holy update explosion, Bluebler!

    The purpose of an encore is to make you, the viewer, feel like you got something extra - to give you that happy feeling of IT'SNOTOVERYET!
    With bands that have more than 1 hit, it's harder to tell whether they're actually going to play a certain song, so maybe it works better for them. It's also a chance for you to show your appreciation before everyone starts filing out of the venue.
    Remembering dcTalk shouldn't make you feel old - plenty of people younger than you remember dcTalk. Wearing a plaid shirt to a concert should make you feel old; unless it's a Pearl Jam concert, in which case going to a Pearl Jam concert should make you feel old.

    You should code your post so that your link opens in a new tab/window - rather than taking me away from reading your blog in the middle of it. (use <a href="" target="_blank">)

    Also, don't click here if you are over 30 or allergic to neon light font.

    Hm...apparently I can't cause your browser to open a new window with my comment - your blog won't let me. Hopefully Blogger is less worried about you spamming people from your blog than it is about me spamming them from my comments.

  3. When I say "my pastor," I am referring to my current pastor, Mike Neely. I guess if I was talking about a previous pastor, I would say "my old pastor"--which could get confusing, since I have a few of those. Or someone could think I had both an old pastor and a young pastor.

    Also, perhaps you would get that feeling from an encore if you didn't know it was coming.

  4. I just wanted to share that is offering pre buy orders of Fireproof the Movie and 10% discount coupon when you sign up to their newsletter. Fireproof absolutely is a great movie.


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