Tuesday, November 11, 2008

let's sing some hymns!

This afternoon, I found out that Covenant Life Church (Josh Harris' church) released a cd of 10 hymns they're learning as a church this year. I love hymns, so I went to the church's website to check out the cd. I literally began bouncing up and down in my office chair when I saw the familiar NoiseTrade widget. I've written about NoiceTrade before--I love how you can get free music simply by providing five email addresses. My family members have been inundated with NoiseTrade emails . . . because I know they'll still love me, even when I send them emails they don't want!

This time, though, I put more thought into the people I sent the notification email to. So if you got one, know that it's because I really think you'll enjoy the music. Check it out!

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