Tuesday, November 25, 2008


You know those adolescent crushes--the ones you get on famous people? My first celebrity crush was on Jonathan Brandis (R.I.P.). I had a huge poster of his face on my wall. That crush faded fairly quickly (although the poster remained on my wall for years). It was replaced by a crush that lasted longer than I'd like to admit . . . and evidently isn't quite gone yet. I say it isn't gone because as this page (sent to me by my considerate brother) loaded, and I saw the headline, I squealed. Yes, squealed. I guess Dean Cain still has the ability to make me revert to junior high.


  1. Ridiculus, but please do not stop!

  2. Oh Becky, Although you may have been under the assumption that you were "over" Dean, some of us knew better.....apparently one of us is your brother. :D I can't really talk though, I still get excited when I see James Franco.


    Also, Sarah, at least James Franco is still getting actual work

  4. I'm just waiting for him to show up on Dancing with the Stars. That's about the point his career is at . . . and I'd vote for him!

    Also, I found out he was a McCain supporter, which made me smile :-)

  5. Well, you know I love me some Berg, and while I did get all giddy at the thought of him being at the play in Stratford with us, I might pass out if I saw Dean Cain. Or giggle uncontrollably.


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