Sunday, November 16, 2008

family resemblance?

At Singing Christmas Tree practice today, a guy thought Melissa and I were sisters. I've never thought we looked too much alike before, but my sister said she's had people ask her if Melissa and I were related. At least the guy didn't think I was her mother (yes, that's happened to me before . . . with a friend who is older than me!). What do you think? Could we be sisters?


  1. I still love that picture of us!

  2. Didn't I take that picture?!

    I could see a resemblance, yes.

  3. Yes, you do look alike--quite a few very similar features. Although folks at my work thought you & I looked alike & were astounded that we were related by marriage only. And yes, I do read your blog, but am too lazy to leave a comment most days.:)

  4. you should have a yes/no radio button on this post, not the interesting/whatever buttons.

    Also, the word verification is "cults" for this comment

  5. You do look alike, at least in this picture. I'd be happy to claim both of you!


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