Thursday, February 26, 2009

it's time

It's time to buy an iPod. I've held out for a long time, even purchasing a $50 mp3 player a couple years ago. (This same player would probably cost me $20 today.) I don't need the brand, I thought. I don't buy music from iTunes, so what does it matter?

Well, the problem is that in this case, you get what you pay for. The battery is supposed to last for 12 hours; I'm lucky to get it to last 4. Right now, it's full with 233 songs on it. That may sound like a lot; trust me, it's not.

My sister bought an iPod (against my advice) last summer. I love it! I'm sure there are other mp3 players out there that are just as good, but boy, does this beat my piece of junk!

So, I'm in the market for an iPod . . . any suggestions for which type/size I should get?


  1. Depends on what you want it for or use it for. We started out with an iPod classic 80gb, because I had almost 8 gb of music in iTunes, I thought this would be a good option with more space to grow. It is, but when I was up in Kansas City last month, my brother has an iPod Touch 1st gen, and I really loved that you could do more with the apps, and there is soooo many free apps out there it is incredible. Anyway, so Dwayne got me an iPod touch 2nd gen for Valentine's day, so now we have 2 iPods, which is fine with me, cuz he always kept taking the other iPod.

    Overall, I like the iPod touch a lot better, and I only have the 8 gb one, but would recommend getting either the 16 or 32 if you're going to get one. The iPod touch also has WiFi access, and Safari is included as one of the apps on it, so you can access the internet anywhere there is an open network connection. In some ways, easier than hauling around a laptop if you don't really need to.

    Sorry this got kinda long, but I like the Touch better than the Classic, although I wish the touch had the storage capacity of the Classic.

  2. I have no Ipod advice. I just got a Sansa for Christmas and love it. It gets me through my workouts!


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