Thursday, February 26, 2009

dear er,

Please don't kill Dr. Carter. I quit watching you years ago, but you've pulled me back in with the return of the original cast members. I know you have a penchant for killing off main characters (Drs. Greene, Romano & Pratt, Kellie Martin, and that guy Neela was married to), but please, don't bring Dr. Carter back only to kill him. That would just be cruel.


  1. i quit watching years ago too and was tempted to tune in for the final season. i'm a little jealous that you have. oh well, maybe some day i'll catch it in reruns...

  2. I'll never forget the way Kelly Martin's death rocked my world. I'd never watched a death scene so graphic before (except maybe that one time you forced us to watch the first 10 seconds of that horrible movie when the kid from Mighty Ducks gets shot and then I was scared out of my mind and to take my mind off of it you pulled out my tooth...). It was epic.

  3. Ghengis:

    While I too was stunned by the graphic nature of the Kellie Martin ER death, I have no recollection of the tooth incident. I do remember pulling your teeth, but a movie where a Mighty Ducks kid gets shot? Which kid? And how did I force you?


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