Friday, February 13, 2009

things to do on a snow day

  1. Not sleep in, as the call came after my shower . . . once I've showered, I'm awake.
  2. Write a letter of recommendation for one of my students. It had to be mailed today, and I'd completely spaced it off.
  3. Finish Twilight. I'll have more to say about this in another post.
  4. Stare out the window at the snow and be thankful I have a job with snow days.
  5. Work out. This is one my least favorite activities (go figure!), but since I have a whole day free, I couldn't come up with good enough excuses not to.
  6. Watch Alias. Fortunately, the mailman didn't have a snow day, so he was able to deliver this from Netflix!
  7. Spill sparkling water all over my book, coffee table, and VCR remote.
  8. Drive my sister to her teacher's house. There are seriously like six inches of snow on the ground (and my car!).
  9. Do dishes. Reluctantly.
  10. Get blown away by romance. No, not in my own life, but romance is romance, right? My assistant coach's husband stopped by this afternoon to drop off flowers for me to give her at the speech meet tomorrow since she'll be gone for most of Valentine's Day. How sweet is that?
  11. Change my calendar to February.
  12. Drink half a pot of decaf coffee. Believe it or not, Walmart's Sam's Choice decaf is quite excellent.
  13. Begin work on my new (or old?) cross-stitch project. My grandma started it years ago and never finished it. My goal is to have it completed by her birthday in July.
  14. Make turkey noodle soup.
  15. Brush my teeth. As I was eating said soup, I ran my tongue over my teeth and realized they felt "fuzzy." Then I remembered that, as brushing my teeth is the last thing I do before rushing out the door for work and I didn't go to work today, I never had brushed them.
  16. Watch Psych.
  17. Go to bed--the alarm will go off at 4:15 a.m.!

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