Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 random things about me

This is the latest facebook obsession. I thought I'd take a page from Melody's book and post mine here.

  1. I share a birthday with Pete Sampras and my first real crush. (To clarify: I have the same birthday as the first boy I liked, and I have the same birthday as Pete Sampras. I do not share my first real crush with Pete Sampras.)
  2. While You Were Sleeping has been my favorite movie since I saw it in the theater in 8th grade. It will remain my favorite movie until the day I die.
  3. I am a horrible multi-tasker.
  4. When I was in 2nd grade, I learned that a classmate's father had graduated with my dad. For some reason, I thought this meant we were destined to marry. This troubled me greatly.
  5. It's very difficult to convince myself to go to bed early (and by early I mean before midnight)--even during speech season, when I get up at 6:15 on weekdays and 5:30 or earlier on Saturdays. Perhaps this is why I'm crabby during speech.
  6. I would probably pass out if I ever met Dean Cain.
  7. I went through a phase (OK, a decade) where I was completely obsessed with figure skating. Just ask my siblings.
  8. I once turned around in church and saw that Lori Wick was a few rows behind me. Of course, I didn't go talk to her--where were all my bold friends when I needed them?
  9. My most despised chore growing up was crushing cans. My dad would bring home huge garbage bags full of cans (most from games at school), and we kids would have to crush and bag them for recycling. The smells, the bees, the fighting with my siblings . . . it was horrible.
  10. If you call me but don't leave a message, I won't call you back.
  11. I worked as a telemarketer for two summers.
  12. My siblings and I once acted out The Sound of Music using my soundtrack. You'd probably like to know how old I was at the time, but I don't want to tell you!
  13. During my one and only trip to LA, I unexpectedly got to tour the Gilmore Girls set. No one was around, so we even went into Luke's Diner to take pictures! (Thanks, Regina and Jen!)
  14. While on the WB lot, we also met George Lopez. Meeting him did not cause the reaction mentioned in #6.
  15. I've started many handwork projects; I rarely see them through to completion. Actually, I think I've only seen one through to completion--the one I gave to my cousin for Christmas.
  16. I come off as shyer than I really am because I am very quiet and often don't know what to say.
  17. In college, I was "adopted" by a family from my church. The wife was a real mentor to me, and I was able to share my hopes, dreams, and struggles with her in a way that I never before had with an older woman. God brought her into my life at a time when I was really thinking through and struggling with what I believed and why I believed it. I've lost touch with her, but I'll never forget her influence on my life.
  18. One of my college roommates and I used to do a wicked impression of the guy who made our coffee.
  19. I DESPISE writing captions--or as we call them in yearbook, "cut lines." They are the bane of my existence as a yearbook adviser.
  20. I wish I could remember my grandpa better. I have a few clear memories of him before he got sick, but mostly I can only remember the hard times.
  21. I hate cleaning.
  22. I have a weakness for all things (books, movies, TV shows) time related. If you write a book or make a movie, just throw in a time loop, and I promise I'll buy it.
  23. I can't act. At all. Yet I coach the school's speech team.
  24. I'm absolutely obsessed with LOST. I could discuss it with you for hours. And yes, it does have a time element to it.
  25. My next handwork project (which I WILL finish!) will be completing a cross-stitch wall hanging my grandma started but never finished.


  1. So...number 12. I don't remember this. Was I there? Was I 10? At the time, was yours the deepest voice out of us children? Have I repressed this obviously traumatic experience?

  2. If I remember correctly, we made you play all the boy parts. And no, I don't think your voice had changed yet. I do remember using towels as habits!


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