Friday, March 13, 2009

in dcTalk news . . .

Michael Tait is the new lead singer of the Newsboys, at least while they're on tour. From this article, it sounds like Peter Furler will still do lead vocals in the studio.

So tobyMac is touring, and Michael Tait is touring . . . perhaps the Newsboys and tobyMac could do a joint tour and pull out a little old school dcTalk while they're at it? (A girl can always dream . . .)

Side note: I just learned that tobyMac's real name is Kevin Michael McKeehan--interesting since his dcTalk bandmates were named Kevin and Michael. Seeing that sent me back 15 years or so . . . I had this dcTalk poster that came in my Brio magazine. My sister would sing their names to the tune of "There Were Twelve Disciples" over and over and over while pointing to their pictures on the poster. It was like a broken record: "Kevin, Toby, Michael, Kevin, Toby, Michael . . ."


  1. Was that the poster you kids kissed?

    Also, I remember that song.

  2. It was, but I wasn't going to mention that part! I wonder if the other kisser remembers it?

  3. i was just going to ask if that was the one that ended up with lipstick on it?! haha!!

  4. I was pretty surprised when I heard about Michael Tate joining Newsboys!! Two worlds colliding.

    I would love to hear a little old school DC Talk. In fact, maybe I should look into purchasing some of that.

    Oh, Brio... It's been so long. Ha!

  5. um, yeah. the poster with the brown spot. i had no part in that, but i do remember the brown spot that was left behind when k and b wrecked it. still, probably one of my favorite posters of all time. i mean, who didn't have a poster of DCTalk stuck to their wall?


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