Sunday, March 1, 2009

a wedding comes our way

My brother is getting married at the end of April. So this weekend, Mom and I went "mother of the groom" dress shopping in Wichita.

We started at the Dress Barn. The lady there was kind enough to tell us she didn't have anything fancy enough, so we were quickly on our way. Next, we went to David's Bridal. I've never had a reason to go to a bridal shop before, and let's just say it was a bit overwhelming! We found the "mother" dresses, saw they were out of our price range, and headed to the mall. As we left, I really felt like we were escaping the madness!

Mom's cousin knew we were dress shopping, and she had called us from Dillard's earlier to let us know they had dresses that were 40% off, so we began our mall search there. Almost immediately, Mom found a dress! We had them hold it for us while we checked out Sears and J.C. Penney, but we ultimately went back to Dillard's. The whole process took maybe 90 minutes! Praise the Lord for that dress--we were anticipating a much longer, much more trying shopping trip.

Then in the evening, we made mints, mints, and more mints--somewhere around 400. And we have more to go!They're the cream cheese kind; we used almond and rum flavoring. While "minting," we watched the last two episodes of Psych. (Shameless Psych plug #541.) Because mint making takes forever, we also had time to watch Miss Potter. What a sweet, gentle movie! I highly recommend it.


  1. You didn't say anything about Mr. snake. I was wondering how big his head is, cause I only say the last foot or so of his tail end. I'm assuming he is black, cause that is the color we was. UE

  2. UE, your fingers betray you once again! My mother found your comment to be absolutely hilarious.

    I did see Mr. Snake. He poked his head out of the tube in the sump pump hole and frightened me a great deal. Fortunately, we didn't see him again!


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