Monday, March 23, 2009

my day (so far)

  • oversleeping yet still making it to work earlier than I normally do
  • giving myself a bad paper cut almost immediately upon arriving at work
  • giving myself a cardboard cut (on the same finger!) a few hours later
  • becoming horribly frustrated with Adobe InDesign
  • becoming horribly frustrated with some of my yearbook students
  • returning to the office for lunch, only to discover that the kitchen had changed the menu from hamburger helper (not ideal, but acceptable) to beef & bean burritos (completely unacceptable)
  • listening to Jim Brickman's new cd while trying to fix yearbook pages
  • running across campus in a downpour . . . in full view of the senior English class
  • coming home to a very dusty-smelling house, thanks to the window I left open this morning
  • discovering Phillip LaRue's new cd (thanks to Sarah)
  • preparing to go back to school for an evening of winter awards (my least favorite responsibility as speech coach) and yearbook

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